This Conversation is Dead to me

In our latest installment of “The Hillary Clinton Campaign’s Continuing Efforts to Make Their Candidate Look More Like the Problem than the Solution”, TPM reports that long time Clinton supporter Harold Ickes

…acknowledged that it would be possible for Clinton to lose pledged delegates but control a majority of the credentials committee, which ultimately decides if and how Florida’s and Michigan’s disputed delegations would be dealt with.

Stuff like this is what turns people off to politics, and makes them feel powerless. Why in the world would the Camp Clinton even want to speak to this in any way? Giving away strategy is not a winning strategy. Neither is putting forth a red herring strategy that is sure to piss off a lot of people.

Further, statements like this, made by surrogates, only reinforce many of the “Right Wing talking points” about “the Clintons”.

I can’t blame the Clinton Campaign for wanting to fight for delegates from Michigan and Florida. I’m sure that if the tables were turned, the Obama camp would be fighting just as hard for those delegates in this close race. Ultimately, I blame the state parties in MI and FL for breaking party rules and creating an artificial mess in a year that, by all accounts, should be ours to lose.

On the other hand, I CAN blame the Clinton camp for going about their fighting for delegates in a way that is both elitist and that highlights the worst characteristics of the party system in general.

Back in January, I wrote about federalizing the primary system and now, more than ever, that seems like the solution, even if the specifics of my idea are a pipe dream or just plain unworkable.

In any case, the whole conversation about how the Clinton Camp is going to game the system to make sure that x or y happens is dead to me. The more I hear about it from Clinton surrogates the more I am convinced that the Clinton camp has no faith in their ability to win this thing outright without some kind of shenanigans.

That kind of mentality doesn’t bode well for the rest of the nomination process or the general. Hillary, get it together or get out of the way, and stop letting your henchmen out of their cages to say stupid stuff in public. This includes family members.


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