No Absolution for Liz Cheney

Tuesday, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney lost her primary bid to be the GOP nominee in November.

Her loss is a testimony to what today’s GOP has become…a full fledged cult of personality for Donald Trump.

Cheney has been hailed for her about face on the Cult of Trump. Since the January 6th insurrection, Cheney has made it her mission to reveal the dark underbelly of the Trump-a-verse. This has been seen most publicly in her role as Vice-Chair of the House Special J6 committee.

There’s no doubt her performance as defacto lead prosecutor has been effective. In her starring role of questioning other Republicans and making J6 look non-partisan, she’s also painting a stark picture of the events that led up to 1/6/21.

In all honesty, she’s been able to do something no Democrat could do. For that she should be thanked.

But the chorus of fawning by some on the left for Liz should stop at her role in the J6 committee.

Liz Cheney supports policies that are devastating for real Americans.

She never showed any willingness to stand up to the growing authoritarianism in the GOP. In fact, aside from style, Cheney had little quarrel with Trumps sliding authoritarian/kleptocratic advances, voting with the former President over 95% of the time.

The steady slide to authoritarianism in the GOP didn’t start with Trump. The trend has been full steam ahead since the devil’s bargain with the religious right in the late 1970’s. It accelerated during her father’s time as VP. Cheney’s complaint isn’t with authoritarianism, its with Trump putting her in danger.

Like so many Republicans, Liz doesn’t see how her beliefs impact others until they hurt her.

Cheney was anti-LGBT rights until last year. Her sister came out in the 1990’s. Her position, likely more out of expedience than reality (the GOP could not tolerate a pro-LGBT Senate candidate from Wyoming) led to a nearly decade long rift between the two.

Cheney is pro-torture, a position she, her father, and the 45th President share.

She was for child separation at the border before Trump said Congress should fix it. Liz was more than willing to let child separation happen. She changed her mind to use the policy as a political cudgel to pound Democrats.

And just like the “normal” Republicans of yore, Cheney supports dismantling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and just about every other part of the social safety net and regulatory state. In short, she’s more aligned with Bannon than her more recent rhetoric would lead you to believe.

So no Liz. The national political media may be giving you a good fluff before you start prepping for 2024, but the rest of us that know your record know better. You’re just like all the bad parts of your father from the W. administration. You’ll stick to shitty policy until its politically expedient. And you’re more than happy with the authoritarianism your dad started, as long as it doesn’t put you in direct danger.

Your more recent performances on the J6 Committee are great, but that’s where any praise should end.

Liz Cheney is exactly who we thought she was…Darth Cheney’s daughter.

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  1. Liz is just like her war criminal husband. A RINO has-been that just learned a valuable lesson… Don’t fuck with DJT or his supporters.
    She is party to the unquestionably unconstitutional detention of American citizens over the Jan.6 field trip. She, along with Pedo Joe Biden and the rest of the Marxist Party have shit on the constitution and he plunged this country into financial and social misery.

    In the midterms there will be recompense. In 2024 Trump/DeSantis will punish the Liberal vermin for their treason, perversions, terrorism and vote fraud.

    The charade is over. Reality check forthcoming.

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