Remember to Burp it to Seal in the Freshness

I’m in Dallas doing an event for Tupperware. In the past week I’ve done a show for an agricultural fiber, a hotel with a base in Memphis and THE Original Food Storage in Plasticware company. It’s been as long however long it’s been.

In that time I’ve started and abandoned many a post. Time just doesn’t permit such luxuries. But, since I don’t have to be at work until 9am tomorrow, I thought I’d squeeze one out.

Item 1 – Hate Speech

I haven’t really had time to read all the blog posts and news items on the antisemetic-antiCohen-TonyAlamolike flyer, but let me just say that people that put stuff like that out need to be the subject of an intensive intervention that includes some kind of “getting them out of circulation” (psychological evaluation) or at least revoking their keyboard and Kinko’s card.

As sad as it sounds, I guess something like this was bound to happen. The seeds were planted in 2006 though it never really came to fruition, at least to this extent. If Tinker’s hands aren’t clean, she better be ready to move back to ‘Bama, cos it’ gonna get real uncomfortable for her in the 9th.

Ugh, makes me sick.

Item 2 -M-Obam-emtum

Dude, you’re kicking some serious butt.

I started this post a couple of days ago about how he’s won mostly caucuses and whatnot. Whatevir. He’s running neck and neck with “uninevitable” and I give him props for that. Furthermore, I think that, while Obama may or may not be as progressive as we want him to be, it bodes well to have an organizer as the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party. That would help some of the outreach that the DNC is involved in now and hopefully strengthen it in states that are shifting blue. I know Hillary won New Mexico yesterday or whatever, that’s fine. Considering her relationship Bill Richardson in Iowa it’s no wonder. Can I just say it… Hillary excites me as much as a retread sandwich. At least Obama has a potential upside, and getting screwed over by him will be a constant surprise (my inner optimist shines through).

What else….

I haven’t been paying attention, I’ve had my head down in a video switcher or Final Cut for over two weeks.

Oh yeah..

Item 3 – Punk Congress

Immunity? Really? Ok, I’m moving to north Memphis so I can vote against one of you (any guesses?). For the love of all that is Holy, are you guys that spineless. It makes me sad that such punks could represent anyone.

Item 4 – VD

Today was Valentine’s Day, and yeah I got my sweetie SMac a little somethin’ somethin’, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to let her know just how much I love, cherish and appreciate all that she brings to the relationship.

I love you sweetie!

Ok, that is all, until I figure out who to piss off next.


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