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First, I would like to credit this comment for reminding me of this issue.

Forget the speeches, the position papers, for a moment, and remember last years Democratic Senatorial Primary in Connecticut. Upstart candidate Ned Lamont challenged and eventually defeated Joe Lieberman (I) in the Democratic Primary. Hillary may have hedged her bets, but Bill and Obama actively campaigned for him. In the end, Republicans rallied and voted 3:1 for Lieberman over the Republican nominee (who had no chance of winning). (Source)

To his credit, once Lamont won the primary, Obama fell in line behind him, as did the rest of the Democratic Senators. Still, it calls into question both Clinton’s and Obama’s dedication to anything other than politics as usual…and that’s just something that, in a primary, I cannot deal with.

As a Progressive, I am acutely aware that there are interests both inside and outside of the Democratic Party who look at my views as important only up to election day. Once my vote is counted, I can be assured that Blue Dogs and New Dems, and all those “just barely Democratic” clubs will use right-wing talking points to undermine many of the very things that I hold dear. I’m not sure why, but I keep on voting for them because the alternative (GOP) is just too far outside of my comfort level.

Then we have this candidate, who won a Primary for the Democratic nominee with a more Progressive campaign than his opponent (Lieberman), and there’s a question, a pause, a hesitation before the endorsements come rolling in. It makes me question wether the members of the Senate are more interested in keeping a Democratic agenda moving forward, or keeping their friends in office.

I don’t fault Obama for his fundraising speech way back in March of that contest, that’s what colleagues do for each other, I guess.I do question his sincerity in the face of it. Is Joe Lieberman the kind of Democrat you want in the Senate? Joe Lieberman isn’t even the kind of Republican I want in the Senate!

Hillary didn’t really go out on the stump for Lieberman, but Bill did, and that amounts to tacit support. I hope Bill thwacked him good on the head for that stupid assed speech on the Senate floor back during the Impeachment debacle…

So that begs the question, why are Progressives so enamored with Obama, or even Hillary? I’ve said before that I would vote for either of them in the General, but the Primary is not the general, it is our chance to speak out and move the conversation to the left. Why the hell aren’t we doing it?

With only 4 candidates still in the race, there is only one voice moving the debate to the left. Obama and Hillary ain’t it. Kucinich doesn’t have a chance. John Edwards is the only candidate that is driving the debate to the left. That’s what I want. Four years of bare knuckle boxing against the people who are screwing up this country.

To fight these people we don’t need another Democratic nominee with an “I’m OK, You’re OK” attitude that has been the hallmark of so many losing Democratic candidates nationwide. We need someone willing to take a stand and hold their ground. That someone is John Edwards.

We have an opportunity to vote for REAL change in the coming days. Real change doesn’t come in a race or a gender, it comes in a conviction to make America all it can be. John Edwards is that candidate above all others, but you have to be willing to take a chance on your convictions. Are you willing to vote for your values, or are you content to vote for who the media seems ready to coronate? That’s a question for you to answer, for me the answer is clear.

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  1. 10 days. come on now. in election season?really now, come on.i know you have been busy, and i love you man,but i am really only here for my entertainment, and this is cutting into it.

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