A Disturbance in the Force

As commenter joshua notes, it has been a long 10 days since my last irritation driven screed. I have no excuses, life happens. Would I have liked to use the blog pimping provided by the lovely and talented Newscoma to entertain, inform and enrage a whole new populace of people in the “sphere”? You betcha. The work keeps getting in the way.

As an independent contractor, I enjoy both large swaths of free time where I can research, read, write and even purposely ignore things at will. The flip side is extended hell ridden weeks of uninterrupted work. The past 10 days have been the latter. Further, there is no end in sight. Unless we can move to a barter economy soon, which would probably be better for the economy than that stupid economic stimulus pron passed by the House with the President’s blessing, I fear that the forecast is more soulless work with sprinkles of unnecessary garbage and intellectual decay.

And so, because I am one of those people who throws themselves headlong into anything that I have in front of me, and I enjoy the comforts of mortgage ownership, the work has been the center of my attention at the exclusion of all others. Still, the ‘sphere, like a jilted lover intent on exacting revenge, or at least gaining attention, brings me back as I head off to the land of Mickey in the service of exciting a group of superficial marketing punks about overpriced highly polished pieces of glass. It is teh joyz of my life…

But fear not gentile reader, once I return from the world of the shiny knick knacks that adorn the walls of our grandparents, there is still much much more to take the time and suck the soul. I could go into detail, but why?

My most political thought of the day…

“If Pat Buchanan can talk on television, uninterrupted, and spout his garbage for money, why the hell can’t I? What has he done other than show himself as a bigoted sack since he wrote speeches for the devil? Nothing.”

Now I’ll probably get attacked by that Donoghue dude from the Catholic League because Buchanan is Catholic.


More later maybe, but probably not…

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  1. In the south I here it’s called “Blawwg Pimping.”
    And yes, Pat Buchanan indeed does suck big-time. It is a crime of media if you ask me.

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