Political Haiku for the week of 4/12/13

One of the things almost everyone mentioned in my reader survey is the lack of haiku on the blog.

With that in mind, here’s the first installment, of what I hope to make a weekly series…

Political Haiku of the Week!

Campfield runs from child,
On his way to his latest loss,
What a punk move dude.

Stacey confronted,
He will not face the children,
Courage of a mouse.

Haslam’s leadership,
Means saving you a penny,
Thanks for nothing dude.

As the session ends,
True face of our government,
Reveals ugly gaze.

The boot of Ramsey,
Is happiest when kicking,
Poor Tennesseans.

He starves the children,To get in the newspaper,This guys a loser
He starves the children,
To get in the newspaper,
This guys a loser

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