Pilots and Presidents

There’s a whole lot of buzz around the MSM and the interwebs about Wes Clark’s statements on Face the Nation yesterday. Here’s a clip from the show.

Clark honored McCain’s service. As a former military man himself, it would be foolish to think he wouldn’t. Hell, I appreciate McCain’s military service and I wasn’t even alive for most of it. The simple truth is that military service, of any kind, does not make you ready to be President any more than anything else. That’s what Clark said, though not in the most concise way.

Clark did nothing to demean the service, he tried to put the service into focus. McCain can’t run for President on his service alone and expect it to go unchecked. Military service doesn’t necessarily make someone a good President, just look at our current President, or even Ulysses S. Grant. Both served in the military, both were bad Presidents, but that’s the bulk of what McCain is running on.

If the Obama campaign wants to concede that military service alone is an unquestionable asset that makes McCain uniquely qualified to be President, then they need to roll up the carpets now and save us all a lot of punditry. I suspect they’re not quite ready to do that, but are reacting to shabby media analysis. A new kind of politics eh?

In the process, they’re screwing over a man who has done more for the Democratic Party since 2004 than a whole lot of other potential surrogates. It’ a sad state of affairs.

If you want to stand up to the media noise machine, Vote Vets has a petition drive.

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