Joementum Sinking

On Sunday I wrote a post about Thin Skinned Politicians. In that post I told the story of Joe Lieberman’s dead weight fall from the good graces of Connecticut Democrats, as well as Democrats nationwide.

Today Quinnipiac University released a poll of Connecticut voters. The poll shows a seven point drop in approval and an eight point rise in disapproval of Senator Lieberman. Two thirds of Connecticut Democrats give him low marks.

Joe has four more years on his term. Connecticut has no procedure to recall elected officials, so Joe is safe in that regard, but it reinforces my original idea, particularly about the party he started to maintain his office, Connecticut for Lieberman. Just for kicks, go take a look at the CFL site. CFL has been taken over by people who oppose Lieberman. Ahh, poetic justice!

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  1. A plummet like that couldn’t happen to a “better” man. One of my least favorite politicians, and that’s saying something.

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