Ohh Gonzo, you should have been gone sooo long ago…

If you’re not at work today, let me suggest you break out the bubbly, and raise a glass to the departure of the WORST USAG EVAH!

That’s right, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or trying to avoid the media, you know that Gonzo resigned. And there was much rejoicing.

Don’t get too excited though. This may be a triumph for freedom, justice and the American way, but it is likely a defeat for that which upholds these ideals, oversight.

By resigning, Gonzo can effectively thumb his nose at Congress, much like Harriet Miers. He’s no longer responsible to them, so to hell with them. If you think for one moment that this isn’t a part of the Administration’s strategy, you’re high.

Congress has already shown itself horribly lacking in its ability to get former administration officials to testify. Not only that, the House has done nothing to hold Miers in contempt. So, we can subpoena Rove and Gonzo all we want, if the Congress is going to roll over and wait for that belly scratch, they can expect to be waiting a long time.

Between the FISA mess up and the long list of things that have just gone wrong in the Congress since early May, both bodies seem to be in public opinion freefall. I think I have a solution for that. A 5 point plan, if you will…

1. Hold Miers in contempt of Congress (inherent contempt) and send out the dogs to get her.

2. Go after Gonzo for perjury or at least misleading statements, and send out the dogs for him.

3. Subpoena every single former administration official, just for fun and find those that don’t show in contempt, rinse and repeat.

4. Parade Miers and Gonzo, and anyone else who would subvert the will of Congress up the capitol steps in shackles, then announce that they have been taken to an undisclosed area of the Capitol, and if they are uncooperative, will be subjected to those “enhanced interrogation techniques” that they were so fond of in office.

5. Watch as Cheney goes on an extended tour of third world dictatorships (they’ll call it a “fact finding” mission).

Ahh, but that’s not going to happen. Our Democratic Leadership Castrati (DLC) in the House and Senate are happy to look helpless, to ensure that no Democrat ever sees the living quarters of the White House again. I don’t know what it is, but if these guys have a pair, they haven’t dropped yet.

So sit back, and enjoy the show as the Administration bats the congress around like a kitten with a new ball of yarn. Nothing better to bide the time, until the Bushes get run out of town and move to their new place in Argentina.

Happy Monday!

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