Bush Dogs

On Wednesday, Matt Stoller of Open Left posted a list of the 41 Democratic Congresscritters that voted for the Iraq capitulation bill and the more recent “temporary” FISA update requested by the White House. The post can be found here.

Six of the 41 “members” of this illustrious group are Representatives in Tennessee and Arkansas. They are:

Lincoln Davis – TN-04
Jim Cooper – TN-05
Bart Gordon – TN-06
John Tanner – TN-08
Vic Snyder – AR-02 (who I profiled earlier)
Mike Ross – AR-04 (who I also profiled earlier)

Four of Five Democratic Representatives in Tennessee caved to the administration. That’s pathetic.

I feel that these four individuals need a profile of their own (per the request of the Open Left post), but as a newcomer to the state, and largely unfamiliar with most areas outside of Memphis, feel unqualified to write them. I am, however, more than willing to assist on any kind of stat research, technical support, or if you want to give me some insight on these districts, I’ll be happy to write them.

I understand that some of these Representatives may be friends or acquaintances. The thrust of this project is not necessarily to primary these people, or get them voted out of the House, but to create a grass-roots movement to hold them accountable for going against Democratic principles.

So, if you have some time this weekend and the inclination, give me a shout, or get a big old head of steam and write a profile on your own. Regardless of where you stand on the representatives, I think we all can agree that party loyalty is one of the main components necessary to maintain a majority in the House. These guys broke rank, and deserve to hear about it at the very least.

P.S. I see Jeff over at Pesky Fly mentioned something about this on Wednesday. Let this serve as a reminder, and an offer to help.

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