Leadership is…Leadership is not…

Leadership is:
Having a clear vision for the future
Knowing how to articulate that vision
Knowing how to motivate the stakeholders in your (community, business, or other organization) to support that vision
Building consensus
Speaking to the people, not at them
Recognizing when you’re wrong
Recognizing when your right, but perceived wrong
Knowing what that is, and how to manage the difference
Being flexible within the limits of your values

Leadership is not:
Strangely absent
Meticulously “right”
And a whole host of other things that just piss me off to think about.

We haven’t experienced true, good leadership in this country, or this city for many, many years. Indeed, finding a true, natural leader is a rare and amazing thing. Unfortunately, because finding leaders is such a rarity, people get caught up in the minutiae, the personalities, the political garbage, which LEAD to stagnation.

I’m tired of following weak people with strong personalities. I’m over it. Where are the REAL leaders? You’ve got a whole city/state/nation, of people waiting for you.

Bring it!

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