This is What I Was Talking About

Waaaaayyy back on March 29th, I posted a little rant about the US Attorney scandal. In this post, I focused on the over-politicization of the US Attorney offices and specifically with the firing of Carol Lam, the San Diego US Attorney, who has put a good deal of Republicans in the pokey(Duke Cunningham, etc.).

In yesterday’s Commercial Appeal, Marc Perrusquia gives us this little gem: Probes tied to Politics?. The article speaks of a study that accuses the Justice Department of “political profiling” in the choices of cases that US Attorney’s pursue. Though the study has not yet been released, early indications assert that four times as many Democrats have been investigated as Republicans, and that this is a political attempt to discredit Democrats.

The early results of this study plays into the suspicions raised both by the firing of Iglaseas in New Mexico for not investigating bogus voter fraud cases, and the indictments of some key players here in Memphis, most notably, John Ford.

Democrats and lefties, like myself, have been claiming for many years that this Administration has been slowly destroying long held policies that have served to keep certain departments under the Executive Branch neutral. These “neutral” policies have served our nation well by giving the people the impression that “political” appointees, such as US Attorneys, are simply trying to uphold the law, not further some kind of political agenda. This too has been damaged by the Bush Administration. What’s worse, in doing so, this Administration may have critically wounded our ENTIRE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE.

I will not say that all is lost, any more than I will vouch for John Ford’s guilt or innocence. I will say, that in a city of conspiracy theorists, ANY appearance of impropriety is going to get some headlines and raise suspicions. That alone is reason for concern. Without impartial justice, our nation, and the ideas that it was founded on, wither.

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