It Must Be a Conspiracy…Right?

Lord have Mercy, indictments have been coming down more frequently than the rain, and one only has to wonder who’s next.

Today, the US Attorney in Memphis added two counts to Edmond Ford’s half dozen and brought Herenton fanboy, Joseph Lee, and trucker cap enthusiast Dennis Churchwell into the mix. It’s gonna be a long hot summer.

First of all, read the indictments here, and here (ht Mediaverse and Fox 13).

Then read the CA’s article about the indictments.

Here’s my favorite 2 paragraphs…

Lee had a reason to provide Ford preferential treatment. The politician was responsible for putting Lee in the top job at utility.

During the tenure of previous MLGW president Herman Morris, the utilities at Ford’s funeral home were cut off several times for nonpayment of bills.

So who’s next? I’m putting my money on Herenton. He wanted Lee in there for a reason. What was that reason? Lee wasn’t any good as city finance dir. Why put him in charge of the city utility? Only Herenton knows that.

Be looking for more, I’m sure there’s more out there. When there is, I’ll mock them verily.

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