Herenton Resigns

As of right now, no one knows why, but he did it.

From the CA

One has to wonder how Herman Morris and Carol Chumney feel right now.

Rumor has it he wants to go back to the MCS…We’ll see.

If anyone has any input on succession…that would be just dandy. Currently researching.

So when will we elect a new Mayor? The answer from the City Charter

In the case of the death, resignation, inability for any reason to serve, or recall of the Mayor or his removal from the City, his office shall be occupied by the Chairman of the Council for a period not exceeding twenty (20) calendar days, during which period the Council shall elect a successor to the Mayor from among qualified persons not members of the Council at the time of such elections. Such elected person shall take office as Mayor immediately on election and shall hold office until his successor is elected or qualified, which office shall thereupon be filled in the same manner as heretofore provided for vacancies on the Council. In the event the Council shall fail to act within the twenty (20) day period, the Director of Administration [Chief Administrative Officer] * shall fill said office until such time as the members of the Council shall have elected a successor or until the next general or municipal election.

Based on this, and other portions of the Charter that I have read, the Mayoral election should be in November…like we didn’t have anything else to do.

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