Thanks, But No Thanks

Those of you on Cracker’s email list probably already saw the article in today’s CA about the reason Herenton decided to run in last year’s Mayoral race. All I can say is wow.

The school system was in disarray when Herenton decided to run. If he really felt that he needed to go in that direction, then he should have sought out those possibilities at the time and moved on from there.

On the flip side, if he was truly worried about what the other candidates for Mayor would do to Memphis, then he should have articulated that in a manner other than his normal vitriolic rhetoric, that serves no purpose than to aggrandize himself at the expense of others, including the people of Memphis.

Now that Herenton has decided that his efforts may be better spent at the schools, one has to wonder what will happen to city government without his “leadership”. Who does the mayor deem fit to see the rest of his “vision” to fruition? What happens when Chumney or Morris enter the Mayoral race? Will he be forced to run again? If they were so “dangerous” last year, would he not be duty bound, by his own reasoning to enter the race again?

Ultimately, this is just a more of the same from the mayor. His mantra since I move here in ’04 has been, “I’m important, I know what I’m doing, and the rest of you morons will just have to deal with it. If you don’t like it, leave.”

And leaving is exactly what’s happening.

We can’t tax increase our way out of the problems that face Memphis. We can’t talk our way out of them. We have to organize as a community of concerned citizens, engaged in the future, seeking new answers, and sensitive to the desires of the several communities that make up our city. Until that happens, we’ll just keep fighting, killing, not educating, and moving away, either emotionally of physically, from our city as it falls down around us.

Thanks for your “leadership” Mr. Mayor, but no thanks. Methinks you’ve done quite enough already.

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