Why Is This News?

The Beer V. Wine Vote

From the “article”:

As some Americans recover from hangovers induced by St. Patrick’s Day, a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll released Tuesday suggests a voter’s drinking preferences may also reveal their political preferences.

Beer drinkers appear more likely to vote for Sen. John McCain in November, while those who enjoy wine say they’re more likely to vote Democratic in the fall. Among registered voters who prefer beer to wine, McCain has a 53 percent-46 percent edge over Sen. Hillary Clinton while McCain winds up in a virtual tie with Sen. Barack Obama among beer drinkers. In the head-to-head match-ups with McCain, Sens. Obama and Clinton each win a majority among registered voters who prefer wine to beer.

It’s as if nothing happened today. Nothing, just some hung over journalists trying to make it through, cold towels over their heads, slugging back coffee, hoping the day will be over soon.

Give me a break for chrissakes!

I put this right up there with the John Kerry looks French garbage.

Every election season there is some stupid poll put out like this. Maybe it was supposed to be fun, but I’m not in the mood for distractions right now.

Report, quit creating, the news, or just shut up.

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