…Fair and Impartial Elections…

From Shelby County Election Commission Chair, Bill Giannini's Facebook Page during the Press Conference with Mayor A C Wharton

The above screen capture was taken at 4:31pm, about 50 minutes after the start of the press conference at City Hall.

There has been a great deal of controversy at the Shelby County Election Commission since Republicans took over the administration of the agency. In August, a problems in an election led to a lawsuit. The status of any appeal on that lawsuit is not known at this time.

Then in January, in response to the resolution creating a referendum on charter surrender, Giannini sent out a series of questions to the state elections administrator, that ultimately delayed the election from Feb. 15th to March 8th.

Now Giannini thinks that Memphians, who are about to vote in an election that his agency will administer, are acting like babies?

Seems like Mr. Giannini should have learned a thing or two from his buddy Russell Wiseman about Facebook. I guess he didn’t.

Updated: A quick check of Giannini’s FB this morning shows that he’s removed it from his wall. That’s great, but the internet has a long memory and screen captures are forever.

In other news, SCS filed a lawsuit. There’s a press conference going on at 5. I’ll miss it, but I hope to have details on the suit, and video of the conference later tonight or tomorrow morning.

2 Replies to “…Fair and Impartial Elections…”

  1. I’ve lost all respect for Bill Giannini at this point, for he has shown that neither he nor his GOP friends could care less about Memphians. It is shameful.

  2. Waaaa! Waaa! Seems to me like the people in the County are really the babies. “Waa! Waa! Why should the City get its way just because it’s bigger and most of the people in the County live in it? NOT FAIR!! Boo Hoo Hoo!”

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