Clinton Backers Lose it

From Politico:

An Ohio-based group of Democratic Hillary Clinton supporters say they’ll work actively against Sen. Barack Obama if he becomes the nominee, arguing that Clinton has been the subject of “intense sexism” by party leaders and the media.

Is this really what Hillary would want? Don’t answer that.

I get it. A lot of people, particularly of a certain age group (boomers), are pissed that no woman has served as President yet. On a certain level, they have a right to be. Sure there’s sexism involved, but from the party? Are you serious? Was sexism involved in the hiring of Mark Penn? Was sexism involved in all the stupid little mistakes that led to his firing? Was sexism involved in her post-Super Tuesday staff turnover (that should have included Mark Penn but didn’t)? No, your candidate made some bad choices. Pair that with a charismatic opponent, and a highly motivated grass roots staff, and it’s a tough road.

Now, on the other hand, the media has been 8 kinds of wrong to Hillary. They’ve called her just about everything this side of the C word (yeah, THAT C word). If you want to fight the media, I say go for it. They need fighting. Corner Tweety in some DC bar and slap the snot outta him, or make him very afraid. Whatever makes you happy. Smack O’Reily down with his own Loofah. Videotape Charlie Gibson and John Stossel express their unrequited love for themselves, through each other (EWWWWW), then post it on YouTube. Whatever it takes!

Just don’t take it out, on a party that ultimately stands for all the things you’ve been fighting for, all your life. That’s just plain stupid. If you really want to piss off the media, drop the internal fight, and start fighting to elect a Democrat.

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  1. I asked an Obama hater if stopping Barack Obama was important enough to sacrifice Roe v Wade, the likely outcome of a McCain presidency. She told me that I was unfairly blackmailing her with the abortion issue.

    I don’t call these people “Clinton supporters” anymore. For one, Clinton isn’t running to win anymore, she’s running to pay her bills. But more importantly, Hillary Clinton would never in a million years accept such a twisted line of reasoning.

  2. Auto: Clinton, herself, has definitely turned down the volume on Obama. What I don’t get is why her more rabid supporters don’t follow that lead? Maybe it’s too soon, but this is discouraging as the primary season moves into it’s “last throes”.

    2nd: You’re not blackmailing ANYONE with that hypothetical. That’s what would happen…but it wouldn’t end there. A whole host of things that will ultimately weaken our ability to hold those with the most cards accountable, the bankrupting of America, and 100 years of military involvement in the Middle East.

    I just don’t get how people could be so short sighted.

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