A Little Presumptuous Methinks

h/t Kleinheider (link)

So Mike Padgett thinks that talking about the “elimination” of a man “from his own party” to get nuclear energy pushed through is an acceptable option. Really? Are we really talking about this? Running off the Majority Leader? HOY VEY!

Look, I know this is Primary season, and candidates have to distinguish themselves from each other, but is this the way to do it? Why would Mike Padgett go straight from zero to “elimination”?

Sure Harry Reid hasn’t been all that I had hoped, but with a slim majority and Lieberman to contend with, I think we all knew this would be a rough ride. Still, lots of positive things have been done, despite the tight voting margins and an adversarial President. Talking “elimination” over one issue seems a bit much.

Further, new nuclear plants would take 5-8 years from approval. It’s not as if we’d just blink and they’d appear and fix all our problems.

Think before your speak Padgett. It’s okay to sound tough, just don’t sound stupid in the process.

BTW, that’s Strike One.

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