About Last Night…

Please don’t tell your parents.

Ok, so about last night’s liveblogging experience…let me say it was awesome. I notice that I get meaner the more I write so I’ll try to make it brief.

1. Congrats to Obama and Huckabee – You both are change agents for your respective parties, and change won big last night. As a member of the “just change it” caucus, I applaud you. Further, Obama’s speech was powerful stuff.

2. Congrats to Edwards and Huckabee – Both you guys were outspent like mad. By some estimates Romney spent like $10 million bucks to come in second. Man that must suck! Further, Edwards hasen’t benefited from the kind media exposure that the Huckster has, so good going Edwards. Good luck to both of you in New Hampshire.

3. “I’m sorry” to Obama and Clinton – in my youthful exuberance I called you guys names. I won’t do that again, because even though I won’t vote for either of you in the primary on Feb. 5th, I will support you if you end up being the nominee. It won’t happen again, until the next time.

4. “Sleepy Fred” is pissed – I guess you’re gonna have to put those vacation plans on hold. Coming in 3rd effectively keeps your campaign alive, much to the dismay of you and your staffers. You’re doing a “heckuva job” Sleepy.

5. The rest of the Republican field aside from Huckabee – You guys suck! How could you let that bumpkin beat you guys? HAHA, the Republican Party is crumbling. I hope you enjoy your internal mess as much as we Democrats have enjoyed ours over the past 14 years.

6. Also rans no longer running – Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Gravel, and Kucinich…Thanks for providing fodder for jokes. Actually, you guys added to the conversation. Unfortunately, you didn’t even gain 3% between the 5 of you. Go back to the House and the Senate, and Alaska, and New Mexico, and wait for that call to join the cabinet. Gravel, you’ll be waiting for a loooonnnnggg time.

That’s all for now. I’m going out to discover the beauty of the Memphis Public Library’s research area, for purely scientific purposes.

Cheers and Congrats to everyone, even the losers!

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