Live Blogging the Iowa Caucuses from Drinking Liberally Memphis – UPDATED!

Since firedoglake got so much press from Live Blogging the Scooter Libby thing, I though I would jump on the bandwagon and liveblog the Iowa Caucus from the Memphis meeting of Drinking Liberally.

Updates in “Reverse Chronological®” order…per Steve Jones (see the 7:55 update)

Update 9:18 PM: Has 9ui11ani lost his mind? He like the idea of Cheney or a proto-Cheney as Veep? What a nut! I guess that’s why he’s only beating Duncan Hunter with the hicks in Iowa. Wonder what the folks in Florida think…Probably that 9ui11ani is some kind of hoity toity pasta dish!

Update 9:03 PM: Can I just say how much joy it brings my heart that “Uninevitable®” keeps losing ground? Believe me, if she ends up the nominee, which is waaayyyy possible, I’ll support her. But she needed to get beat to bring her back to earth. Fo shizzle!

Update 8:45 PM: Okay, I’m calling it for the cold fish. My man John Edwards is 2nd, and “Uninevitable®” is third.

I want to give a shout out to that dude that messed with me about Huckabee being viable on Open Left. Suck it!

Update 8:23 PM: I just realized that I haven’t spoken on the Republicans. Huckabee is winning and if some kind news person will tell me how to find an image from Newsweek back in 1998ish, I can sink his campaign with a picture of his wife gutting a snake. I’ve already been mean enough to his wife in my head, so I won’t do that here. Romulan is 2nd despite his toothy hair and Sleepy Freddy is third.

Also, as I looked for that link, NBC, the station that brought you all the WB characters, Tweety and all, has called it for cold fish. He’s at 36%, 31.25% Edwards, 30.96 “Uninevitable®”.

Update 8:21PM: Cold fish. is pulling ahead, and I’m not sure that Edwards can overtake. Still happy to see that “Uninevitable®” is in third. For all the junk that we heard about her for the three years running up to this mess, one would think she hung the moon. Whatevir. Still 40% more to tally…

Update 8:04PM: !!! Edwards is in second like last time with 33% reporting. GAWD I hope Obama isn’t as cold a Kerry was. Still time to move back into the from, but at least “Uninevitable®” is still in 3rd.

Update 7:55 PM
: Steve Jones, who is sitting next to me, doesn’t like the way the updates are showing up, so I’ll do them in reverse order for him, even though it’s a pain.

Update 7:38PM: Ok Edwards, don’t go messing this thing up. I know it’s only 8% of the vote, but I’ve got an audience here now and I need to be somewhat dramatic. GO EDWARDS! PROVE ME WRONG. Once again, ht to TPM and Apple for making the Control+shift+4 function to capture a specific portion of the screen!!!! I’m a geek!

Update 7:22PM: Edwards is winning!!!!! YAY! I’m glad when I’m wrong…now if I can just be wrong for a couple more hours. Stolen from TPM:…

Update 7:05 PM: Apparently there are like twice as many people showing up to the Westridge elementary school in West Des Moines, like 200 as opposed to 86 in 2004. That’s a lot of numbers that mean absolutely nothing. Like 114 more people is gonna make them run out of corn muffins or something.

Update 6:52 PM: We made it here and GLENR is here. Gots me a tasty beverage. Now I’m just waiting for some results on the plasma that got ripped off the wall at Dish…ummm yeah. Guess I’ll be hitting refresh a lot…

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