Snakes on a Campaign…The Huckabee Enigma

Ok, I know it’s a strange headline, but bear with me for a second.

Huckabee won last night, and as I’ve been saying for more than a year now, Mike Huckabee is the most competitive candidate on the Republican side of the campaign. When thinking about such things, I go to people who have been following Huckabee more closely than I. One of those people would be Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times.

In a blog post that went up today, Brantley says this:

Arkansas is a microcosm of the national electorate. Win Arkansas — with its blend of blue dog Democrats in the east and south, yellow dog Republicans in the Northwest, yellow dog Democrats in some locations and many swing independents — and you are likely to win it all. That’s been true for about four decades.

Huckabee has demonstrated appeal here. He’s the prototype of a candidate able to replicate a winning Southern strategy — government-friendly, gun-toting, gay bashing, abortion hating. Democrats best be careful what they wish for. And Republicans need not fear Huckabee. He’ll be very happy to keep the Wall Street greedheads happy. After all, he yearns for nothing so much as to be one of those rich guys he currenty decries.

Source HT LWC

Huckabee won’t win New Hampshire on Tuesday, but if he comes in second or third, he’s still in the top tier. South Carolina follows, and we all know how McCain did there in 2000. Further, we know that the evangelicals that are abundant in S. Carolina don’t trust Romney any further than he can throw him.

A few weeks later we go into Super Tuesday. 23 states are having a primary of some sort on Feb 5th. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia are chock full of evangelicals. Huckabee can carry all of them. He won’t do well in California or New York, but the picture could be so muddled by then with Romney and 9ui11ani taking the majority of delegates in those states that he could end up with the most delegates overall.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not fear the Huckster, contrary to comments by some of the doubters out there. That said, no one has won the Presidency since 1932 without at least 1 southern state regardless of what the “Whistling Past Dixie” people say. A Huckabee nomination sets up a potential sweep of the south, and sets in motion another 4 years of an authoritarian in the White House.

Ok, so to the snakes part. Here is your moment of zen…

This is from the July 27, 1998 issue of Sports Illustrated. Pictured is Janet Huckabee and the former First Lady of Oklahoma cutting the head off a snake. Do you want this lady as your FIRST Lady?

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