Imagine, if you will, 200+ years of history gone. America in it’s infancy in our present day. The Constitution, in it’s current manifestation has just been ratified, and George Washington, our first President, is at the helm. What would George Washington do?

The man, who steadfastly worked to reject the idea of a constitutional monarchy, or even any idea of the “unitary executive”…WWGWD?

Would he seek to focus power on the executive branch with little regard for transparency in his surrogates?

Would the rule of law be utilized as a partisan tool, intent on quashing dissention?

Would he mortgage the future of a newly born nation for the expediency of political gain?


Would sovereign nations be merely pawns in his foreign policy?

Would perceived dominance trump long term leadership?

Would talking points be the standard upon which his leadership was measured?


Despite my ”Outrage fatigue”, I find these and other questions both comforting, and disturbing considering the events of the past 7 years.


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