Chuck Likes Mike

TPM Election Central reports that Walker, Texas Ranger star Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee for the Republican nominee for President.

The man, who can slam a revolving door says in his post on World Net Daily that Huckabee, “will fight for the issues that lead us safely, and with prosperity, into the future.” One assumes a “or I’ll kick his ass” followed that statement.

Democratic candidates cowered in terror at the news. Clinton strategist Mark Penn, sporting a fresh black eye is reportedly assessing which nation with no extradition treaty he should retreat to in the face of the endorsement and Norris’ fist like chin.

The endorsement of the man who made the nation of France surrender “just in case” after watching only one episode of Walker, Texas Ranger will no doubt tip the balance of the Republican nomination, and the general election to Huckabee.

Stay tuned, I hope to have more on this after Chuck Norris gets finished kicking my ass.

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