Where's the Love?

Yesterday I sent out a call to Memphis Democrats to go join the new TNDP site. Several people signed up, but Memphis is still SORELY underrepresented. Here are the stats:

TNDP Total – 382 members
Nashville – 72 members (18.8%)
Knoxville – 56 members (14.6%)
Chattanooga – 14 members (3.6%)
Memphis – 14 members (3.6%)
Shelby Co. – 16 members (4.2%)

Why isn’t Memphis and Shelby County completely and totally dominating this thing? I know it’s not a race, but come on! We have more active Democrats here in Shelby Co. than any other county in the state!

We need to represent.

Follow these simple instructions and help put Memphis where it should be, at the top of the heap in terms of membership at the new TNDP site!

1.Go here, fill out the info, and click ‘sign up’.
2. Once you’re signed up, go here and invite other folks to sign up.

Come on people, we can’t let this stand! Get to joining!

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    1. Weakley Co. has 4 members or just over 1% of the total membership. Y’all get going up there and you’ll pass Big Shelby. Just need 12 folks.

  1. We’re winning! We’re winning! nah nah nah nah nah!!!

    Nashville ROCKS! Memphis has got NOTHING! I dare you to even try to get as many members in Memphis!! Where’s that Van Turner guy? I declare a cage match between Van Turner and Davidson County Dems chair Billy Fields!

    BRING IT ON!!!!

    1. Van Turner will beat Bill Fields’ ass with his bow tie!

      Everything’s a little slower here in Memphis, from the way we make our slow smoked bbq, to the length of time it takes us to indict our politicians (/snark) but WE WILL PREVAIL. Make no mistake about it.

      We’ve got you in our sights Nashville. Beware!

  2. Memphis folks have little connection with the State of Nashvile, er, Tennessee. Except for the counties within 75 miles of us, the rest of the State pays little attention to us and when they do, we usually suffer.

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