So, I’ve been looking at, and playing with and poking around the new TNDP website some more since I first wrote about it last week. It’s growing organically, which is what these types of sites do once they’re released into the wild.

One of the things I’m noticing, as I scroll through the 350+ members that have signed up since last week, is that there are A LOT of people from Chattanooga and Knoxville, but not so many from Memphis or Shelby County.

What gives? Are we BIG SHELBY or not people? Why haven’t Shelby County Dems damn near overrun the site with membership requests? Come on!

If this site is ever going to be put through it’s paces it’s gonna take all of us banging on the door to either break it, or to prove that it has a solid foundation.

Get off your butts Shelby County Dems, and go join the new TNDP site. It’s easy and best of all FREE! All you have to do is:

1.Go here, fill out the info, and click ‘sign up’.
2. Once you’re signed up, go here and invite other folks to sign up.

We’re trying to reach 1000 total members by the end of the week. Just 650 to go, and I’d like nothing more than the majority of that 650 to be from BIG SHELBY.

Bring it people!

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