Weekly Round-up: Working for a Living Edition

This week has had me so busy I haven’t even been able to follow ANYTHING. My rss reader is filled to the brink. My email inbox is overflowing. I missed both the County Commission meeting and the City Council meeting due to my return to work. I’m just now catching up on crap from Wednesday! Why am I writing now? My brain is tired from all the catching up, and it doesn’t look like I’ll have a break for some time. Oh well, a guy’s gotta eat, and while I would have liked to slack off a little while longer, I don’t think I could have paid the bills, so this is, as Newscoma says, “of the good”.

The Poll

On Thursday, a poll was released showing County Mayor AC Wharton leading in the Memphis Mayor’s race.

No kidding.

Sorry if I’m underwhelmed, but AC has been running for this thing since the last city-wide election in October 2007. Anyone that’s surprised by this has been living under a rock.

Of course, there have been charges that a sample of 400 people isn’t representative of yada, yada, yada… Polling outfits regularly poll statewide sentiment with 1000 person or less samples. There’s noting wrong with the poll except that it didn’t show “your person” winning.

So, if you don’t like the outcome of the poll, get off your hiney and start volunteering for the candidate of your choice. And those 27% of you out there that either don’t know, or won’t say who you support, put on your reading glasses, it’s time for you to make a decision. Election day is just around the corner.

Kelsey Pulls a Herenton

As reported by Jackson Baker, Representative Brian Kelsey is suffering from acute premature press release syndrome.

Apparently, hitting the send button for the young Representative from Germantown is an automatic response that he just can’t stop himself from, even when he knows he needs to wait. Unfortunately, in the time that elapsed, from initial report to retraction, it appeared to resemble some of the shenanigans of a certain former Mayor. I wonder how that’ll go over with the base.

I know, everyone makes mistakes, but this isn’t the first time Representative Kelsey has suffered from this problem. I hope he seeks medical attention, or at least becomes more familiar with the “schedule”, “draft”, or “delete” buttons in the future. Playing with my emotions like that just isn’t funny, and it makes you look dumber than you look on TV.

Chartering a Course

On Tuesday, the Memphis City Council voted unanimously to approve the Metro Charter Resolution.

I don’t have anything snarky to say about that, but out of the same meeting came the revelation that the new official handshake of the Council is the terrorist fist bump. Coincidentally, the Memphis Chamber of Commerce has instituted a no hand shaking policy.

I’m sure that’ll go over well while they try to attract business to the city.

Twitter Twatter

Eye on City Hall blog picked up on the whole WHALUM!!!! Twitter blocking deal thanks to the help of @shaneofmemphis. I got lots of emails, @replies, and DM’s from people who had suffered the same fate, but publishing all those names is really more trouble than it’s worth.

As was noted in the comments, this kind of resembles the activities of another local politician. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.

Have a good weekend!

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