Walk to Stop Violence – Reminder

This is just a reminder that tonight is the Walk to Stop Violence in Midtown. Below is an agenda for the event. You don’t have to live in Midtown to attend, everyone is welcome.

The agenda for the event is as follows:

5:30pm-6pm: Congregate at Cooper & Harbert to paint signs. Walk to crime scene #1 at Harbert & Cox.
6:15pm-6:30pm: Talks and remembrances. Walk to crime scene #2 at Cowden & Tanglewood.
6:45pm-7pm: Talks and remembrances. Walk to Peabody Park for entertainment and refreshments.

Representatives from the City Council, State Legislature, Police, Clergy, and friends & family have been invited to speak.

This event is supported by your local neighborhood associations – Central Gardens, Cooper-Young, Annesdale-Snowden and Idlewild.

You can sign up to attend at a Facebook page here

Come join us.

For more information please call Richard O’Brien at 292-357.

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