The Veep-Stakes Fiasco

Ok, this is starting to irritate me. All the speculation, the wall to wall TV coverage, the waiting. I understand trying to dominate news cycles, but this is bordering on stupid.

Technically, it’s not Obama’s fault. He’s just using the media’s flaws to his advantage. This is really a good thing. One has to wonder how long they will allow this to go on.

I disagree with the conventional wisdom. I don’t think Veeps necessarily bring much to the table. You can’t guarantee that their state will come, once they’re in office they’re forgotten, except for Darth Cheney. All in all I’m just not loving it.

As for the people supposedly on the short list, I’m not too thrilled.

Biden – I like Biden ok, but he’s a media whore. He got no traction in the Presidential race, and I don’t know how he helps Obama in anything other than some Foreign Policy stuff. Even still, I’m not sure that he really helps anyone at all. In short, Joe Biden is all about Joe Biden and that bothers me.

Bayh – Bayh is my least favorite of the current media frontrunners. Really, I don’t know where to start except that I don’t like him at all.

Kaine – The current Governor of Virginia is anti-choice. Way to win over Democratic women! For Coal, there go the environmentalists…ugh, please say it ain’t so.

Kathleen Sebelius – She’s been mentioned less and less over the past few weeks. I think her lackluster performance in the SOTU response is partially to blame. Too vanilla in my view.

Others who haven’t been mentioned in a while…

Bill Richardson – I like him, but he’s a loose cannon. No one knows what will come out of his mouth. He’s good on the Foreign Policy though, and as a former Governor from a western state it could be a real possibility.

Tom Daschle – Ummm, no. Really, just no

Chris Dodd – If it’s Dodd, I’m cool with that. No one’s been talking about him, and I don’t think it’s likely, but weirder things have happened.

And finally…

Hillary Clinton – I just about don’t see how this could happen, but it would shut up the “protesters” at the convention. They weren’t going to vote D anyway. They’re just mad that their Right Wing Attack Machine had to retool after spending all that time coming up with material. Hillary would be alright, so long as she and Bill stay on message.

Now that I’ve helped make the situation worse, I think it’s time for some breakfast.

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  1. dwayne – If it’s Hagel, I’m gonna crap myself. He excites me about as much as a wet sock. Further, I’m about as partisan as you can get, and well, that just won’t do it for me.

    I liked Edwards (John, not Chet) before it came out he was a baby daddy. The other possibilities I’m not thrilled about, but they’ll do.

    I’m hoping it’s no one on the list, just for the surprise factor. Other than that, the whole ridiculousness of the press coverage is pissing me off.

  2. Wendell Willkie, he’s the inside choice! /snark

    Now then, I would love for him to pull someone out that’s not expected, like Brian Schweitzer (MT-Gov), who would help Obama take all of the West except the Unholy Trinity of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

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