The SCDP’s New Clothes

So, this morning I mentioned a press conference that was to be held and attended by SCDP Chairman Keith Norman. What happens when the one person everyone wants to talk to fails to show up? They schedule a super secret meeting at the Whitehaven Branch of the Memphis Public Library for 6pm tonight, that’s what.

I was fairly nice to the folks that created this debacle in my last post, but that niceness is running thin. Rank and file Shelby County Democrats want answers, and we want them RIGHT NOW.

This is your chance to come clean. This is your chance for redemption. This is your chance to beg forgiveness and pray like hell that these foolish actions don’t harm the candidates who will surely suffer from the mess that has been created at the hands of certain individuals on the SCDP Steering Committee.

Will you swallow your pride, take your lumps and deal with the circumstances or will you puff out your chest and proclaim your innocence, or lack of assistance, or a printer error, or any number of lame excuses I’ve heard so far?

The cat is out of the bag folks, and it’s making a mess all over the new carpet. Every move that has been made since the unveiling of these ballots has led to the conclusion that there is a cover-up going on, whether there is one or not. You’re fighting public perception at this point. Basically, by Norman not showing up today, you further fed the perception that something underhanded is going on, so even if this was an honest mistake, any charity that might have been given is gone. Someone’s head has to roll now, that’s the only solution.

This is what secrecy gets you. Look at how well it’s served our current President. Secrecy ≠ Democratic values. It’s time for the process to be wide open, anything less is simply inadequate.

So the SCDP is running out in the street searching for cover now that the perception has shifted from hapless buffoonery to naked, backroom maneuvering.

Enjoy your new clothes, but as it gets colder, and any cover you might have found before is quickly disappearing.

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