I See a Blame Storm on the Horizon

The fun with the SCDP ballot power grab, just keeps getting funner. Jackson Baker reports this morning on the “bash-Mulroy” session that was last night’s SCDP Super Secret Honeycomb Hideout Steering Committee meeting. For those just joining us, the meeting was called in the wake of SCDP Chairman Keith Norman’s failure to show at a press conference he called to address the ballot faux pas. Classy.

So, last night the Steering Committee got together in Whitehaven, to “address the issue” which looks more like it means, get their story straight, and find a person outside of their little club to blame. Some on the committee are none too pleased that ANYONE voiced some dissent, much less an elected official, on the now illustrious ballots printed and distributed by the SCDP, but it seems they doth protest too much.

Commissioner Mulroy is the victim of the committee’s ineptitude. He has championed IRV (Instant run-off voting), something that would save the city thousands of dollars in run-off elections each cycle, which just happens to be one of the “referendums” that the “Officially not approved by the full Execom of the SCDP, ballot” says to vote no on. Blaming Mulroy on this is like blaming a robbery victim for their house just being too nice to resist.

Let there be no mistake, Mulroy’s protests, and the protests of people like me who just want to understand why this was done without the consent of the full SCDP Execom didn’t cause the problem, the Steering Committee, who printed the ballots without full consent did.

So, it would seem, we’re right in the same spot we were yesterday. No answers, a bunch of stonewalling, and a committee committed to covering their ass at every turn. Ain’t that Democracy!

If you want to read more about the most current foibles of the SCDP, take a look at my previous post which links to many of the other concerned bloggers. They’ve written new stuff since then, so give their blogs’ front page a looksee while you’re at it.

If you’re pissed at the SCDP for operating in an undemocratic manner, give the Chairman a call, I’m sure he’d love to hear your concerns. His information follows below.


751-7154 (home) 830-0601 (cell)

751-0156 (fax)


PS. Before you fly off the handle about publishing someone’s phone numbers, this information is also located at the the SCDP website location, so it’s not like it’s not public information.

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