Super Tuesday – Go Vote or Else

So, it’s Super Tuesday, and if you’re one of those people, like myself, who hasn’t taken the time to get your early vote on, you need to shake your hiney off to the polls and get yourself some good votin’.

Still not sure how to vote? Well, our beloved blogfather has his suggestions. Remember, in Shelby Co., there are other contests on the ballot. You can see the entire ballot, for Democrats and Republicans.

I’m still voting for Edwards, even though he suspended his campaign last week. Some people have suggested I’m throwing my vote away because he can’t win, but by that logic, so is just about every Democrat in Wyoming or Utah, so suck it! has Hillary up in Tennessee by as few as 10 points, but considering how wrong some of the polls have been lately, I don’t put much stock in that. Further, it seems that the Obama campaign has a good deal of momentum right now. We’ll see how that will play out here in Tennessee tonight.

All in all, on the Democratic side, we’re looking at a tight race through the convention. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time this happened. For my part, I hope that both Clinton and Obama decide to start beating up Republicans instead of each other after this week. We know for damn sure one of them is going to be in the general. They might as well start running like they already are.

Happy voting, result watching, and whatever other activities go with that for you!

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