Super Tornado Tuesday – Live Blog, now from Home!

Ummm, yeah, so Super Tuesday may not be the big story here in Memphis tonight. Seems like Mother Nature may have something else in mind. Either way, from home or P&H the liveblogging will continue until I pass out, or get really bored.

9:42PM – Huckabee wins the south, and the Republican field is set, McCain/Huckleberry Hound. Once again the Romulans are left in the cold. On the Dem side, well, it’s nutty. Until California and Alaska (kidding) decide, we won’t know anything. Lots of people are talking about Obama doing well in states that Republicans normally carry (and vice-versa for the Republicans and McCain). Not sure what to think about that, but Haley Barbour just said “Wig-wam” and I’m trying not to laugh.

In weather news the sirens just turned off again, but that doesn’t mean anything if there’s a tornado like 5 feet from my house…which there isn’t yet. Ok, between the polling and reach Haley Barbour is showing his metro-sexual side.

9:00PM – Huckabee pulls ahead of McCain in TN! Vote still close, with 42% reporting, Huckabee 85,150, McCain 84,645. This is only really interesting to me because of a rare moment of clarity from Chris Matthews, as reported by TPM here.

Update 8:50PM – Hickory Ridge Mall is destroyed, $500,000 of merchandise looted already. Happy Super Tornado Tuesday. We have another big squall line coming across the river in a few minutes, so umm, I may be in the basement.
In election news, we’re waiting for a new state to call too soon. Luckily for the networks, with the possible exception of OK, as of about an hour ago, though it seems to be a lock for Clinton now. Happy Delegate hunting!

Update 8:10 – Soooo, that ABC delegate counter thing that HuffPo linked sucks. This one from MicroYahoo! is much better. Between jumping from MSNBC for the politics and Dave Brown on Channel 5 for the weather, I’m suffering from information overload. Maybe I need some coffee.

Update 7:35PM AR for Hill and Huck, sounds like a Hannah Barberra cartoon. Considering both of them spent time in the Governors mansion, even though Huck spent a good deal of time in the Gubernatorial “triple wide”, it’s not surprising.

– Update 7:16PM – MSNBC just called TN for Clinton, with 0% reporting (16k to 14k). Are you serious? Obviously not. Ugh, it’s gonna be a long night.

Update 7:11PM – Obama called winner by MSNBC and other “smart people” in these states (GA, IL – No kidding), all with less than 10% of the vote counted. This is not a complaint on Obama, but the MSM. Can we please at least wait until like 20% or something before we start the whole acting like we know who’s winning thing. They already had to retract OK for Clinton. Just stop it guys!!! You’re killing me.

Update 6:51PM – Well, the Mapco on the corner of Cooper and Central still has some beer, if you were wondering. I bought all the cheese dip, so don’t even think about going there for that. It seems that the 2000 block of Harbert is without power, so if you know someone over there give ’em a call.

Update: 6:34PM – Howard Dean on MSNBC “Time to shut up and listen to the voters”. source. Special thanks to TennViews

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