So Pundits, Where are the Fireworks?

I’m listening to the roll call on CSPAN online. We’re up to Montana at this point. So far, the only fireworks have been the surprise unanimous allottment of delegates from Arkansas to Barack Obama. I’ll write more in a few…

Update 6:30: Okay pundits, I know that you’re not going to have anything to talk about once this happens, but if you think Bill Clinton will deliver anything less that a barn burner, enthusiastically endorsing Obama, and beating the crap out of McCain and Bush, you’re high. Drop the disunity and start talking about policy. I know, it’s harder. Stop being punks and do your job!

Update 6:16: Ya didn’t have to tell anyone! Apparently Arkansas’ unanimity was a clerical error.

Update 5:50: Hillary moves to suspend vote, and blahdy blahdy blah. Where’s your divided party now MSM? SUCKIT!

Update 5:40: Yeah, way to gin up some conflict MSM. Punks! New Hampshire just gave all their delegates to Obama, even though Clinton won the state. Not to be outdone, so did Jersey…

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