Sell the Pyramid

Fox 13 reported last night that Cummings Street Missionary Baptist Church wants to buy the Pyramid for $12 million.

It’s believed that the City and County currently owe $12 million for the now abandoned building, so why not? It takes the debt load off the city, it puts an iconic building to use, and it will finally end the incessant cat and mouse game that has been the Bass Pro Shops courtship. Further, it will mean that a lot of money could be spent in the community readying the building for worship services. Sounds like a win to me.

As arenas go, The Pyramid is a piece of crap. Every touring roadie I know shudders at the mention of it. I’m sure there would be loud cries of happiness at its departure from the production scene.

Additionally, the city has managed to take an icon and mismanage it into the ground. From the “right of first refusal” deal with the Forum, to the actual construction of the building, absolutely nothing has been done right. Maybe a church can do better.

Still, one has to wonder about the conflict of iconography. Pyramids are buildings built by slaves to house wealthy dead Egyptians into the afterlife. Christian churches are communities that are supposed to shepherd people through life. That’s an interesting difference. Then there’s the whole conflict of mythology.

In any case, if someone is dumb enough to want to buy it, I say let it go. At least it will be used for SOMETHING. That’s a lot better than the NOTHING we have going for us now.

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