SB0025 to Governor, City Council Approves Surrender – #MCS

This morning, as expected, the State House passed SB0025 which now goes to the Governor. There are three actions the Governor can take. He can: sign it, veto it, or refuse to sign it but allow it to become law after 10 days.

Previous press reports have said that he would consult with Mayors Wharton and Luttrell before making a decision. As of this writing, Mayor Wharton noted that Gov. Haslam had not yet signed the bill.

The City Council met at 5pm and only had one item on the agenda. I tuned in a little late because 88.5 didn’t broadcast the meeting. As far as I can tell there were two friendly amendments that tweaked the resolution. Ultimately the resolution passed by a vote of 10-0-2. The two abstentions came from Councilmembers Ford and Morrison who are teachers.

The resolution will be sent to the Tennessee Secretary of State tomorrow.

I hope to have the final version of the resolution soon and will include it in this post as soon as I do.

So what does all this mean? Well, a lot of that is still in question, but according to City Council Attorney Alan Wade, upon the date set forth in the resolution MCS will exist for the purposes of wrapping up business, then, presumably, SCS will take over administration. How long that process lasts is in question as are many things. How it all turns out will depend on who decides to do what and when.

I’ll add updates to this post as necessary, as well as update on twitter as events unfold.

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