PRIMARY THAT WILL NEVER END – liveblog – Updated with Cookies

Hi all,

Watching MSNBC. Been watching for an hour or so, and noticed that the numbers in Indiana (actual vote count) hasn’t been shown in some time.

Indiana SOS has it 49k(C) 38K(O).

North Carolina has a really nice results site that doesn’t update nearly regularly enough.

TPM has the Indy vote spread at 55k (C)votes (39% reporting), and the NC spread at 62K (O) (6% reporting).

I hate it when the media calls a race with 0% reporting no matter how obvious it is. And they wonder why people question their credibility.

More after these messages…

Update 12:15:Waiting for room service…. Just called IN for Clinton. Talked to two Michiganders this evening. Good friends, who don’t and never did support my candidate. Their message…DON’T SEAT THE DELEGATES. We broke the rules, don’t muck it all up. My sentiments exactly.

Update Midnite: 51-49. Damn. Could it be? Could it be? Probably not. It’s gonna be a messed up day tomorrow. Too bad I’m working and will miss most of it.

Update 7:45PM: Indiana vote spread has not changed, still 55k votes. NC has, BO has a 135k vote lead in NC (all per TPM). David Axelrod is talking on the Teeve. And he’s having satellite problems. Ok, go back to your cookies people. I’ll update after tweety or Pat Buch says something else stupid.

Update 7:30
Harold Ickes warns of Obama October Surprise. His argument is that we just don’t know enough about Obama, but Hillary has been out there for years and is safe. Puhhhhleeeze! Hang it up Harry. Chances are, you’re not getting paid either.

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