Going Nuclear Will be a Dud

It was reported this morning that the Clinton campaign has decided to go nuclear.

The thing about this is, that just like every other “end game” put up by the Clinton camp, it has so many conditions that it’s virtually unworkable. Here’s a peek at this masterful strategery:

1. Win big both places tomorrow. (possible)
2. Convince the world she’s better than Obama. (unlikely, but possible)
3. Get the activists to doubt Obama and go for her (loud screeching sound…)

That’s about where the plan gets derailed. Remember, she doesn’t agree with the activists:

“Moveon.org endorsed [Sen. Barack Obama] — which is like a gusher of money that never seems to slow down,” Clinton said to a meeting of donors. “We have been less successful in caucuses because it brings out the activist base of the Democratic Party. MoveOn didn’t even want us to go into Afghanistan. I mean, that’s what we’re dealing with. And you know they turn out in great numbers. And they are very driven by their view of our positions, and it’s primarily national security and foreign policy that drives them. I don’t agree with them. They know I don’t agree with them. So they flood into these caucuses and dominate them and really intimidate people who actually show up to support me.”

Audio is here.

They, they, they. As long as we are “they” we’ll never think you can, or want you to.

Even though I know I’m part of the problem, simply by writing this post, I’m sick of this. I want this to be over, and THERE ARE OFFICIALLY NO MORE METAPHORS TO DESCRIBE THIS RACE THAT AREN’T TIRED AND OLD, SO DON’T EVEN TRY.

Love ya, mean it.

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