Kleinheider links to a post from the Knoxville News Sentinel detailing the lengths the State Republican members have gone to, to build the newly minted majority they will enjoy in the next session through the use of leadership PAC’s.

I have my own personal, moral and ethical views on leadership PAC’s, as I’m sure most of you can imagine, but I’m not writing the rules. If leadership PACs are fair game, then they should be exploited as a tool to win elections. Period.

I haven’t done any research on who has one and who doesn’t. Frankly, finding that out right now is more time than I have to dedicate to the subject, but as the article details, there are far fewer Democratic members with Leadership PAC’s than Republican Members.

So, I‘m just wondering, what’s the deal here? Why aren’t Democrats utilizing this tool? They most certainly knew about, and probably wrote into law to help maintain their majority. Do most state Democrats have the same personal, moral, and ethical problems with PAC’s that I do? If so, why hasn’t there been a push to restrict them in some way?

This is what I do, I ask annoying questions!

Anyway, now that Democrats are in the minority, I guess it’s going to be harder to get the cash, PAC’s or no PAC’s, to win back the State House and Senate by the next term. Still, if we want to hang on to 3 of the 5 US House seats we have right now, we better get started.

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