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Hey faithful readers, a couple of things to note:

1. If you posted a comment and it hasn’t shown up, please use this thread to post one again. I’m tweaking out my comment spam filter, and well, it’s less than perfect right now. Post here, and if it doesn’t show up, post one on the old site so I know to check my spam filter.

2. I’m working on my blogroll. Back when I first launched the WP blog, I didn’t take the time to organize and add all the blogs out there that I read regularly, or that I feel have something to add to the conversation. If your blog isn’t included in the blogroll right now, just know I’m working on it. I may even put a place for conservative blogs…way at the bottom. /snark

3. I’m looking for help with an online database. If anyone out there has some real life experience with mysql (I have plenty of theoretical experience, just like I’m a theoretical astronaut), or knows someone, I’d love to hear from you. Projects and stuff and things coming down the pike.

Thanks for reading.

Steve Ross

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