Overton Square

The new Overton Square looks pretty promising
I wasn’t able to attend the meeting Wednesday about the Overton Square development project, but from what I’ve read both here and here as well as the running comments I saw on Twitter Wednesday night, the project looks pretty promising.

Loeb Properties has, as promised, put the presentation on their site as well as the handout distributed at the meeting.

I’m not sure if there will be more public meetings on the development, or when the issue will come before the City Council, but I do know that Councilman Flinn said let the Council know how you feel about it, so you know what to do. Apparently so does Loeb because they put the email addresses right on their page.

This looks like a good deal to me, and something that will revitalize a once vibrant area. Not to mention the additional tax revenue. I like what I see so far, and will be telling my City Councilmen that.

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