No Sour Grapes

Well, today has been pretty wacky.

First of all, I want to thank City Councilman Shea Flinn, Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery, and County Mayor/ City Mayor Elect AC Wharton for having the courage and outside the box thinking to nominate me. Even though I didn’t get seated on the Charter Commission, I’m honored and humbled by the consideration they gave me. Kudos to all of you. I would also like to thank Mike Carpenter on the County side, who also put my name up for consideration.

On a certain level, I’m not really that surprised by the result. I’m not particularly politically connected, and I don’t have a great resume. I’m a guy that works a “blue collar” job for a living that just happens to be really interested in politics. Am I disappointed? Sure, but in all honesty, just being nominated is an honor that I didn’t really think I would get.

I am surprised at some of the rhetoric used by City Councilman Joe Brown in reference to me. Invoking the word “blogger” as if it were a slur or a swear is something that I have heard more than once, but never in a public meeting. Councilman Brown has every right to voice his opinions, but in the end, I’m a concerned citizen that uses my blog to talk about areas of concern in my community, as well as in state and national politics. How that constitutes something negative is lost on me.

In the end, I still intend to cover the goings on of the Charter Commission, just as I would have had I been confirmed. Uniting our community is the only way to move the Memphis area forward. Uniting our governments is one of the steps to accomplish this goal.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the 15 members of the Charter Commission on their confirmation. You’ve all signed up for a huge undertaking. Good luck and Godspeed.

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  1. I heard your name being tossed aorund today…and I must say…first I was surprised..didnt think you would have the time for this. But I liked the idea and thought you would have added a good element to the mix. I am sure your input will continue to be valuable on this topic over the next year. Thanks for all you do.


  2. Your grace shines through and it makes me proud that you are my friend. You would have been terrific on this commission and you would have dazzled them with your work.

    It’s too bad Joe Brown is a self-important fool.

  3. Isn’t Joe Brown the same jackass that wouldn’t allow a State Dept.-sponsored Iraqi delegation into City Hall because he was afraid they might blow it up?

    Screw that and screw him. Thanks for all you do, Steve. I’m saddened to hear that you’re no longer in the running.

    There’s nothing that a crooked old hack like Joe Brown fears more than a citizen well-informed enough to know that he’s a waste of human skin.

  4. “Invoking the word “blogger” as if it were a slur”

    What a bizarre thing for him to focus on. He paints with a broad brush. So far as I can tell, the only 2 things all bloggers have in common is at least occasional internet access and some degree of literacy. I learn a lot from the local political blogs. Maybe he should try it…

  5. Steve, it’s too bad that politics, and apparently racial politics, kept you off the charter commission. You could have contributed much in your quiet and thoughtful way. As for “blogger” used as a slur, there are certainly bloggers who deserve it. But what you write is responsible, thoughtful and well-researched. There are many journalists who could take lessons from you!

    Your calm post about this bad decision is yet more proof of your worthiness. Your rational approach is what we need more of in local politics. You are a class act, my friend!

  6. It is often said that you are known by your enemies as much as your friends. It says volumes about you. You would have been invaluable to the charter commission, and hopefully, you’ll have other ways to help. Keep up the great blogging.

  7. Ooops, I put the following on the wrong post


    I hope you continue to be involved in Memphis. Memphis is on life support when it comes to politics and politicians. I believe progress will come for Memphis and my neck of the woods ONE DAY. New blood and ideas is desperately needed in Shelby County. I am not a native and I can remember the looks I received when I start going to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen meetings. The looks were worst when I start challenging some of the decisions and effective in stopping some things that were not in the best interest of the community.

    Memphis is your home just like Millington is my home. I am the first to say Millington is a diamond in the rough and it is time for Shelby County to stop treating Millington like a red headed step child. It is not there yet, but Millington is trying to progress forward.

    We may not be native Memphians or Millington’s, but we damn sure have every right to be involved when decisions from the Mayor’s office have an impact on our lives. Keep doing what you do. Finally, I was appalled by Joe Brown’s outburst and it was an embarrassment.

  8. Hey Stephen…please continue to keep doing what you are doing. Government is for the people, you have caught the eye of some in city government. Don’t stop your observations and postings!

  9. Hard to follow this from so far away, but rest assured that if an asshat like Brown doesn’t like you, you’re doing the right things.

    Stay in their face, Steve. Right up in their face.

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