Moving on to National Politics…

So now that we know the city is screwed for sure, I can go back to my old standby, national politics. I’ve been neglecting you my sweet, but now that the dance that was the 2007 City Elections is over, I promise I’ll pay more attention to you.


Bush Vetoed it, as promised because it provided insurance too many children and some of them might have grown up to support the Democrat party. We’re some 29 votes shy of an override in the House (strangely we have it covered in the Senate) and only 6 Democrats voted against it the first time around so, looks like we lose again. There is no way that Republicans in the Congress are going to give any kind of win to the Democratic Leadership.


At 1:30PM today Stenny Hoyer will introduce his shiny new FISA free pass for the Administration. He gives away the store. As noted here at Open Left. Hoyer and Rhambo seem to be trying to protect Freshmen Congressmen by making them look weak, which makes about as much sense as…well, it just makes no sense.

This is the kind of stuff that gets Democrats beat in general elections. We should be on offense, but for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, we’re still running scared from the Bush administration. Note to Hoyer and Rhambo: Please wake up.

Iraq War

Representative David Obey has decided he’s had enough of the War in Iraq. Using his bully pulpit as chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, Obey has declared that no funding request that maintains the status quo in Iraq policy will come out of his Committee. This of course, has Pelosi, Hoyer and Rhambo freaking out. Foolishly trumpeting “a sure win” that the SCHIP veto override (did you forget already?) was going to be, Obey has been painted as a spoiler. The reality is Pelosi and her pusillanimous pack of dems ruined that way back in May when they gave it all up for a box of Oreo’s and some warm milk.

That’s all for now folks!

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