About the rest of the Election

Despite my earlier post there were some bright spots in yesterday’s election as just about everyone has noted.

Congrats to Jim Strickland and Shea Flinn in particular. I know a bunch of people who are anxiously awaiting your insight on the council.

Looks like there’s still some work to do in Districts 1, 2, 3, and 6. Get out there and pound the pavement for someone.

Herenton won, just like incumbents usually do in three way races. I hope he got all those haters off him, I’m sure they were itchy. I hope he likes the house he’s building in Mississippi. Maybe he was just building that to make some money off all the people moving away. In any case, it doesn’t seem to matter where the hell you live, you can still vote in Memphis.

Watch out Louisiana!

As Memphis braces for it’s fifth term of “healing” one has to wonder how this course will differ from the last one. My guess, this one will be shorter. I’ve said it for a couple of months now, Herenton just wanted to prove that he’s still the top dog. I think he resigns in a year or so and laughs all the way down to Mississippi. Or maybe not. Who knows?

In any case, we are for sure, guaranteed, at least one more year of priceless egomaniacal declarations from the 7th floor of City Hall. I just can’t wait for the State of the City address. Last year was a doozie and I missed it. This year, I’ve got TIVO!

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