Metro Charter Commission Meeting Thursday

At 4pm in Suite 850 of the Shelby County Administration building at 160 N. Main (Source), the Memphis and Shelby County Metropolitan Government Charter Commission will meet for the third time (as far as I can tell).

You probably haven’t read much about this, because there hasn’t been much to tell. The first meeting was strictly an organizational meeting to help get the ball rolling.

The second meeting established the leadership of the Commission by electing Julie Ellis Chair, Andre Fowlkes vice-Chair, and Lou Etta Burkins Secretary.

This meeting will get the ball rolling on the stuff of actually crafting a charter from scratch.

The agenda for the meeting is heavier than it looks. In reality, everything about this is heavier than it looks, and likely, not particularly interesting to the casual observer. Studying current governmental structures, and the structures of other governments is the kind of mundane task that goobs like myself revel in, but not most people. The reality is that everyone on the Commission has to have a good understanding of where we are now, in order to come up with a plan to get where we’re going. There will likely be some dissent on the way.

In any case, I intend to be there, toothpicks in eyelids after my 26-hour day that starts around 7pm tonight and doesn’t really end until I get off the plane Thursday afternoon.

I’ve started a page that will eventually have more information about the goings on of the Metro Charter Commission. I’ll add more as more information becomes available.

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