Menu Please…

The political season is heating up here in Shelby County and I’m getting hungry. With a couple of special elections in the near future, and the pending announcement of a Gubernatorial candidate next week from the area, I’m tired of thinking about eating…I want a menu so I can pick out my food.

Brad Watkins at West Tennessee Liberal has alluded to this in his “Issues First” posts (1, 2, 3, 4) but I’m gonna make it plain for those that don’t seem to understand;

What are your positions?

What are you running on?

Why the hell should I vote for you?

This is stuff I need to know and the voters need to know, not only in the upcoming Mayoral and Senate special election, but also going forward in the Governor’s race.

I’m tired of waiting Mayoral Candidates. It’s been 41 days since the first indication of a vacancy and some of y’all have been running SINCE THE LAST MAYORAL ELECTION.

What you’ve done in the past isn’t good enough. The past is the past, I’m interested in the future.

Tell me why you deserve my vote. Tell me about your vision for the city. Tell me how you’re going to make things better. Tell me, tell me, tell me…or get out of the way.

Email using the Contact link or post a link in the comments for all to see. Like LWC I will publish just about anything you send me unedited, but don’t waste my time with platitudes or empty campaign rhetoric. We deserve solutions, not BS.

Gubernatorial candidates – You have a little more leeway than the Mayoral folks, but don’t dawdle.

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