#MCS Following the Media – 1/26/11

Another day, another debate.

Media coverage has slowed considerably, probably due to the absolute lack of answers to the remaining questions. Opponents of the merger have and will continue to use these questions as a means to scare and confuse voters. This was evident both last night at the WMC Debate and Tuesday at the WREG debate. The key is, they don’t know the answers either, so any threats at this point are baseless propaganda that does nothing but show their true intentions…to maintain separation at any and all cost.

There are some community forums going on tonight:

Snowden School cafeteria from 6-7:30
Hollywood Community Center from 5:30 to 7. Featuring former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.
St. Paul Baptist Church, 2124 E. Holmes 6-8, featuring Dr. Marcus Pohlmann

In the mean time, we’re in wait and see mode. If you’ve been following this thing since the beginning, you understand why we are where we are. Based on that knowledge, even the uncertainty of “wait and see” is better than the likely circumstances of doing nothing.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to put together a timeline of events since the emergence of Commissioner Jones’ resolution back in November by Monday. This is one thing that may help folks just joining the party catch up.

No guarantees. I haven’t even watched the whole State of the Union or the various and sundry “responses” yet, so clearly I’m pretty far behind. Still, if I can get that out, or find one that’s actually comprehensive I think it will be helpful in informing people going forward.

Hopson Provides MCS Legal Counsel
Leadership Academy Luncheon Will Focus on Urban Education
Cash Reform Agenda Clashes With Referendum
Willie Herenton to speak at school consolidation talk Thursday evening
Whalum: Show Me The Money & Teen Pregnancy Numbers
City and county school officials try to explain what’s next in debate

WREG Debate
WMC Debate

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