Maybe He Was Lonely

Several outlets have reported the Herenton has pulled a petition to run for Mayor, just weeks after retiring.

Maybe he was lonely…(NSFW)

Here’s his statement as reported in the CA

“My primary political goal is to represent the ninth congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have every intention of being a congressional candidate during the August 2010 election.
“However, during the interim, recent events have compelled me to step forth to provide leadership and express my sincere feelings on how our city can continue to move forward, despite our current dilemma.
“My recent retirement from the office of Mayor has created this situation and I feel obligated to seek alternatives to Myron Lowery and an ‘anyone can win’ mayoral race.
“The city I love deserves better.”
“Therefore, I am also preparing a referendum resolution that would allow the citizens of Memphis to rescind the current charter amendment that elevated Myron Lowery to the office of Mayor Pro Tem. This resolution would prescribe limitations on the powers of a non-elected mayor.
“It is clear to many citizens that my retirement from office created opportunities for Mayor Pro Tem Lowery and a puzzling list of mayoral candidates to turn our city backward. I am disappointed in Myron’s reckless style of leadership. He must be stopped.
“We cannot allow Mayor Pro Tem Lowery to be elected mayor during the upcoming special election. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict a clear winner with a complicated array of mayoral candidates in the race.
“Therefore, I have pulled a petition to run in the upcoming mayoral special election.”

Maybe, that letter Jackson Baker reported on has a little more meat to it than he reported. Or maybe it just is what it is.

No matter, this is Memphis, and anything is possible. Still, I wonder what that letter says…

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