Just when I thought it was getting boring…

Hat tip to MyDD.

What do you get when you give 4th tier Republican Presidential candidates access to a video camera, basic editing software, and a dream. Well, it ain’t the classic 1964 Lyndon Johnson Daisy ad, but it sure has plenty of crazy.

I know that Ton Tancredo really doesn’t have a chance, but seriously, everyone knows that Islamofascist Terrorists don’t wear hoodies. Homegrown American terrorists do. So the ad is misleading from the start.

Secondly, one must assume that these terrorists are streaming across the southern border. That’s funny because just about all of them that have been caught in the US either came through with real documents or crossed over from Canada.

Third, we have open borders? Really. I guess all that time I spent in Customs at the Houston Airport last week was just a ruse to make me feel more inconvenienced. What Kool-Aid is this guy drinking?

Fourth, there may be “Islamic terrorists freely roaming our soil”, but if they are it’s because Homeland Security is not doing their job, not because of open borders.

Finally, when did the number of illegals here to “steal our jobs” reach 20 million? Most estimates hover around 12 million. I guess when you’re channeling xenophobia as your primary platform plank, sticking to well established numbers is for suckers.

If marginal candidates like Tancredo want to spend their money like this, I say go for it. If anything it further marginalizes them to the point of irrelevance. Hell, he probably got the John Birch Society to chip in on some talent for the voice over.

I just hope Rahmbo doesn’t see this. Word on the street is he wants to weaken the Democratic Party by parroting Republican talking points on immigration. Sounds like a genius strategy to me Rahm, now go wash behind your ears, they’re filthy!

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