$3.5 Trillion

As reported in the AP via Yahoo! The total cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by 2017 could reach $3.5.

If both occupations, because that’s what they are kiddies, not wars, last until 2017 someone’s getting an butt kicking.

The report states that $1.6 trillion has already been spent on the actions (war and occupations) since 2002. That constitutes exactly half of the new deficit spending since W got into office. My take is that $3.5 trillion by 2017 is a conservative estimate.

With the dollar trading around or below the Canadian Looney we can expect the cost of maintaining these actions to increase as our economy experiences the mass inflation that currency devaluation brings.

See because that’s what all the jingoistic junk this administration has brought us, a weak dollar.

Our weak dollar, badly broken military, and Boltenized kindergarten foreign policy will inspire nations all over the world to revere us as the true leaders that we are.

A weak dollar is the thing I think of when considering upward mobility and economic freedom that has made our nation great.

A weak dollar is what the Republicans want, because they, with their internationalist nonchalance spent the 90’s buying cheap Euro’s. (I can’t confirm that, but it makes for some great tin foil conversations.)

Look folks, when I can’t even get some enjoyment from my own snark that means something is horribly wrong. I find it maddening that when a Democrat is in the White House Republicans FREAK OUT at every dime that is spent in or out of the country, but when a Republican is in the White House we gotta go invade someone, damn the consequences, and the people at large don’t give it a thought. REALLY?

We can’t pull out of Iraq any more than we could superglue Ming Dynasty china back together and call it good. But we have to start easing ourselves out of the equation because pointing at someone else ain’t gonna work and what we’re doing now SURE AIN’T WORKING.

I’m glad that Pelosi and Reid are talking big finally, but Hoyer is waffling, and there’s lots of junk in that waffle, lots of power, lots of “not rounding up any votes” for the majority. With all of that, there is a failure that the mass media will lick up like ice cream on a warm summer day.

It’s making me feel like my head is about to asplode, though that could be the being up for 24 hours thing that work made me do this time around.

I think I’ll order pizza with my weak dollars and go to bed lest I make a mess with my head asploding and all in a Columbus Holiday Inn Express.

And I thought these hotels were supposed to make you smarter! Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow.

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  1. We can’t pull out of Iraq any more than we could superglue Ming Dynasty china back together and call it good.

    Why not?

  2. Auto,

    I suppose I should have clarified that some. What I meant was we can’t just “disappear” from Iraq as many, including myself, wish were possible.

    For reasons both political and practical that’s just not an option.

    In the next sentence of my sleep deprived rant, I note that we have to ease ourselves out. Which is a withdrawl. So I guess I should have chosen my words more carefully.

    Finally, supergluing Ming Dynasty china back together reaps poor results, or so I’m told.

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